Update: April 14, 2020


How will COVID-19 affect my case?

I have been getting emails from a lot of different companies lately trying to reassure me “during this difficult time.” While I appreciate knowing that the company I bought a t-shirt from once is doing its best to continue to provide great service, these emails have not given me much information about things that are important to me. At Pioneer, we want you to be informed, but we also want to be sincere and direct. So, instead of putting out a mass email or sending out a bunch of generic information, I will try to explain what we are doing here at Pioneer in response to COVID-19.

What we are doing:

First of all, we are dedicated to keeping our clients, our employees, and our attorneys safe. We have closed the front door of the office to drop-in traffic. We are encouraging our clients to submit files electronically through this website. We also have a drop box at our office door. All attorneys are doing meetings virtually or by phone whenever possible. Our attorneys are working from home. Our employees are staggering shifts and working from different ends of the office to avoid contact. We are cleaning and disinfecting, washing hands, and whatever else we can do to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are continuing to look for ways to improve service while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

We are still participating in court and tribunal proceedings when they are being held. This includes proceedings by phone, in person (with precautions), and via teleconference. Your attorney will contact you about any change in your case. This includes rescheduled court appearances or a change in the format of a hearing. Your attorney will contact you about these changes and will explain how changes will impact your case.

What you can do:

You can make sure your attorney has a way to contact you. Our attorneys are working from home and may be calling from a phone number that is unfamiliar. Make sure your voicemail is accepting messages and you are checking them regularly. Call us back if you miss our call. If your phone number or address has changed, please update us as soon as possible.

We are trying to be kind. Please try to do the same. We have been overwhelmed with the kindness shown by our clients right now. Sometimes people get scared when things are uncertain. We are all trying our best. We will try to keep providing the very best customer service. Please bear with us if we have a computer glitch or a phone malfunction. We are going to get through this together.

Keep an eye out on Facebook for resources that are available locally. We are trying to update our Facebook page with local information for people who need food, shelter, and other services now more than ever.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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