Denied Disability Benefits? A Dubuque Veterans’ Disability Attorney Can Help!

If you are facing a debilitating injury or illness related to your service in the U.S. military, receiving a denial of benefits can be a devastating setback. If the regional VA office denied your claim, an experienced attorney can help you appeal and obtain the benefits you deserve. While a lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome of any particular case, your veterans’ disability lawyer will work hard to determine why the regional office denied your claim and will help you appeal your claim.  If you request a hearing, your attorney will accompany you through this process and make certain the VA is apprised of the true severity of your disability.

Dubuque Veterans’ Disability Lawyer Explains What to Do Following a Denial

Once you receive your denial letter from the regional office, you should contact your Dubuque veterans’ disability lawyer right away as there is a deadline of one year to appeal your claim. To appeal your claim to the regional office, you must file a Notice of Disagreement stating that you disagree with the denial and you intend to appeal. There are several ways to appeal your claim, so it may be advantageous to consult with accredited representative to determine which lane is right for you.

After you have filed your Notice of Disagreement and accompanying documentation with the regional office, it will likely contact you for additional information.  Depending on the type of appeal, you may have to attend a hearing at the regional office or at the Board of Veterans Appeals. An attorney can assist in preparing for this hearing and will help you through this process.

If the regional office denies your claim again, you can still appeal to the BVA with the help of your veterans’ disability attorney.

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