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Two questions frequently asked by first time prospective clients to our Dubuque and Davenport Iowa Social Security disability law offices are “Will I qualify for disability benefits?” and “Should I appeal the denial of my claim?”

Will You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration’s rules for determining whether you are disabled are complex. Sometimes the results defy common sense. For example, you will not be found disabled simply because you cannot locate an employer willing to hire you, or because your doctor says you are disabled. You will not be found disabled because you have been found disabled under some other type of disability benefit program, such as Workers’ Compensation.

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must satisfy the definition of “disabled” in the Social Security law and regulations. This definition has multiple requirements.

In addition to these disability requirements, you must have paid sufficient Social Security taxes to qualify for Social Security disability insurance benefits or you must meet income and asset tests to qualify for Supplemental Security Income. See Payment Requirements and Supplemental Security Income.

Should You Appeal if Your Initial Application for Social Security Disability Is Denied?

The answer is generally yes. Failure to appeal a denial is perhaps the biggest mistake Social Security disability claimants make. Nationally about two-thirds of the people who apply for Social Security disability will receive denial letters from the Social Security Administration. Iowa and Dubuque statistics are similar.

Sometimes your claim is denied because some important evidence is not in your file. Perhaps some of your medical records are missing or inadequate, or one of your doctors has neglected to complete a form. Perhaps letters from people who know how your impairments limit your activities would be helpful. Your disability attorney can make sure these gaps in your file are filled before your hearing.

Whatever the reason, do not let the denial of your application for Social Security disability benefits discourage you from appealing. For more information see Advice for appealing a denial of Social Security disability benefits.

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We accept Social Security disability cases at all stages—whether at application, first appeal, second appeal, or hearing level. We represent clients in Iowa and throughout the Midwest.