Reducing the current monthly income (CMI) by additional expenses

Additional expenses are set forth in Subpart B of Part V and Part VII of Form B22A, or Subpart B of Part IV and Part VI of Form B22C. If it is determined to be reasonable and necessary, you (the debtor) may take up to 5 percent of the food and clothing allowance as listed in the National Standard. However, you must provide the Trustee with documentation as to why this additional expense is necessary. Additional expenses also include:

  • Health insurance, disability insurance and a health savings account.
  • Expenses for the support of an elderly, chronically ill, or disabled family member (must live with debtor).
  • Educational expenses for minor children (cannot exceed $125 mo. per child — documentation required. Does not include preschool or lunches).
  • Home energy costs in excess of IRS Local Standards (documentation required).
  • Expenses to maintain family safety under the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act.
  • Charitable Contributions Expenses.

Example of calculations

Our debtor’s (this hypothetical was begun in the article on step 1 of the means test) additional expenses are determined as follows: Additional 5% of food and clothing allowance: $35.00 Health insurance: $165.85 Home energy costs in excess of National Standard: $17.90 Charitable donations to church: $25.00 Total Additional Expenses: $243.75