Annual reports. The court, trustee, or any party in interest may request that the Chapter 13 debtor file annual reports. Income tax returns. While the case is pending, you (the debtor) must file your tax return with the court at the same time it is filed with the IRS. Statement of Income and Expenses. If a plan has not been confirmed, you (the debtor) must file a Statement of Income and Expenses either (a) 90 days after the end of the tax year or (b) one year after the date the case commenced, whichever is later. If a plan has been confirmed, you must file the Statement of Income and Expenses within 45 days before the anniversary date of the confirmation of the plan. The Statement must include:

  • Income and expenses for the tax year most recently concluded.
  • Monthly income.
  • How the income expenses and monthly income are calculated.
  • The amount and sources of your income.
  • Identity of any person responsible with you for support of any of your dependents.
  • The identity and amount contributed of any person who contributed to your household.