Checklist and timetable for Chapter 12 bankruptcy proceedings

Below is a sample of a checklist that your bankruptcy attorney might use to ensure that your bankruptcy petition is complete at the time of filing: ___ All debtor’s AKAs (“also known as”) and DBAs (“doing business as”) listed in caption ___ Debtor’s Social Security number (last 4 digits) and employer’s tax ID number in caption, if required ___ Debtor’s name spelled correctly ___ Attorney’s telephone number listed on petition ___ All areas on the form completed ___ Cover sheet completed and signed, if required ___ All property listed and described ___ Entire legal description of real property in schedules, if required ___ Debtor certain all property and debts are listed in schedules ___ All required information listed on forms ___ Creditors on matrix (list of creditors) in alphabetical order, if required ___ All addresses in matrix are common addresss – no P.O. boxes ___ All addresses in matrix contain zip codes ___ Debtor and/or bankruptcy attorney has signed petitions and schedules ___ Verification signed by debtor ___ If petition is a joint petition, all debtors have signed the petition ___ Pre-petition counseling obtained ___ Certificate of pre-petition counseling attached to Exhibit D ___ Exhibit D filed with petition or within 14 days ___ All forms are in the correct order ___ Matrix is included ___ Extra copies of the package made for the client and file ___ Correct filing fee accompanies package ___ Filing fee paid by attorney’s check, if required ___ Package is securely bound ___ Pay stubs have Social Security number redacted (except last 4 digits) Below is a sample of a timetable your bankruptcy attorney might use to monitor each step of your Chapter 12 bankruptcy proceeding:

File Petition, Notice to Debtors, Exhibit D with pre-petition credit counseling statement, and Matrix (list of creditors)
File Schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs, Informational Notice, Pay stubs, Statement of Anticipated Change in Financial Condition, Attorney’s Compensation Statement Within 14 days of filing petition (if not filed within 45 days, the case will automatically be dismissed).
File tax return for year preceding filing 7 days before meeting of creditors.
Meeting of creditors. Bring photo ID and other required documents 21 to 35 days after filing petition.
File Plan Within 90 days of the Order for Relief.
File creditors’ claims Within 90 days of §341(a) meeting of creditors.
If a creditor does not file a claim, the debtor or trustee may file the claim. Within 30 days after expiration of the time for creditors to file claims.
Hearing to confirm plan Within 45 days of date plan was filed
File Objections to plan 3 days before confirmation hearing date
Discharge hearing 10 days after confirmation hearing.