Virtual Hearings at the Board of Veterans Appeals


Due to the pandemic, the Board of Veterans Appeals has been allowing Veterans to participate in virtual hearings. Here, we explain how they work.

These hearings are scheduled a few weeks in advance. The Board sends an email to the Veteran and their representative (if the Veteran has one). The email contains a couple of links and instructions on how to use them.

The Veteran will be required to test the link a few days in advance. The Veteran just needs to open the email on any device with a camera and microphone (like a tablet or smart phone). The link will automatically direct the Veteran to the correct website.

The website will direct the Veteran on how to test the camera and microphone to make sure everything works. If something does not work correctly, the email contains information about contacting support staff at the Board to get the problem corrected before the hearing.

On the day of the hearing, the Veteran opens the same email and clicks a different link. This link will open the website and directs the Veteran to the correct virtual “room” where they will wait for the Judge to begin the hearing. Once the hearing starts, the Judge will instruct the Veteran on the process and record the audio of the proceedings.

See this link for the VA page explaining this process in more detail.

A good way to make the most of your hearing and get guidance throughout the process is to hire an accredited VA attorney. If you would like to talk to an attorney for a free case evaluation, contact Jodee Dietzenbach today at (563) 649-4073!

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