Checklist: Bankruptcy creditor’s proceedings

A creditor’s bankruptcy attorney might use a checklist similar to the following to ensure that no steps are missed in the bankruptcy proceeding: ___ Reaffirmation Agreement contains all required information ___ Reaffirmation Agreement contains Declaration of Attorney ___ Reaffirmation Agreement filed with court ___ Debtor’s Statement in Support of Reaffirmation Agreement filed ___ Original Reaffirmation Agreement attached to Motion for Approval ___ Copy of filed Reaffirmation Agreement sent to debtor ___ Copy of filed Reaffirmation Agreement sent to client ___ Calendar claim due date (§341(a) meeting or 90 days thereafter) ___ Forms current and appropriate ___ Debtor’s name spelled correctly ___ All AKAs and DBAs included in caption ___ Case number correct and complete ___ Amount of claim correct ___ Description of all charges on proof of claim ___ Attachments securely affixed to claim ___ Attorney’s name, address and telephone number on claim ___ Attorney’s bar number included, if applicable ___ Claim signed by attorney or creditor ___ File copy made and put in file ___ Copy of claim sent to client-creditor ___ Notice and Motion properly signed ___ Notice and Motion sent to all parties